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Joseph De Piro

The coat of arms of the De Piro family.

The family tree of

Joseph De Piro.


Family home of the De Piro in Mdina, old capital of the island of Malta.

Joseph's father: Alessandro De Piro

Joseph's Mother:  Ursola De Piro

Family photograph.

Family photograph.

Family photograph.

Young Joseph

Joseph in his youth

Joseph as a soldier

Joseph De Piro, as monsignor, coming out of the Mdina Cathedral.

The Crypt,
in the Motherhouse of the Missionary Society of St Paul,
where Joseph De Piro is buried.

MSSP members around the Founder's crypt.




MSSP History

The first house
of the Society of St Paul,
in 1910.

The third house
of the Society
at  Mdina, Malta.

The beginnings of the Motherhouse,
in Rabat - Malta
built near a chapel dedicated to St Agatha,
an early Chritian Martyr.

Joseph De Piro with the first group of members of his Society of St Paul.

Another group photo of the members
before the death of the Founder.

Fr Michael Callus SSP,
one of the first members
and first Superior General
of the Paulist Missionaries.

Br Joseph Caruana SSP,
one of the first two members
accepted by the Founder on 30 June 1910,
and the first missionary of the Society.

St Dominic Savio Oratory,
in St Julian's street, Birkirkara - Malta
one of the first pastoral activities of the Society.

MSSP members gathered for the General council of 2006.


MSSP history in pictures

1910 - 1935

1935 - 1960

1960 - 1985

1985 - 2010


Manuscripts & Paintings

Personal reasons in favour of

and against the priestly vocation.


Reasons in favour of and against his going to the Accademia or St. Joseph's Home.

Diary 1898 - 1909

Certificate of discharge from Royal Malta Melitia: 23/02/1896

Letter from his mother : 19/02/1900


Letter from his spiritual director - Fr. Sammut S.J. : 03/01/1901


First draft of profession for future members: 01/08/1909

Request by De Piro, Bugeja, and Mamo to Pius X about the foundation of the Society: 15/11/1909

Requestby De Piro to Bishop Peter Pace for the approval of Society: 30/06/1914

Complete original rule: 10/11/1922 & 12/11/1925

Secret will, article 10: 08/02/1932

Books belonging to J. De Piro

Pencil painting by J. De Piro -  1890

Pencil painting by J. De Piro -  1890

Oil Painting by J. De Piro - 1895

MSSP Houses


Casa Generalizia MSSP

Dar Stella Maris, in Zebbug - Gozo
a novitiate house and
a retreat house
run by the Paulist Missionaries.

Dar G. De  Piro:

 (Formation house, Malta)

Entrance to St. Agatha's Complex.

St. Agatha's Church.

St. Agatha's Crypt.

St. Agatha's Museum

Monument of Mgr. G. De Piro at St. Agatha - Malta


Horsley Park - Australia


Parroquia Acequia Alta - Arequipa, Peru

Ave Maria - La Tomilla, Arequipa, Peru

Parroquia La Tomilla - Arequipa, Peru

Enlace - Arequipa, Peru

Casa San Pablo - Buenosaires, Arequipa, Peru

Centro de Formacion Padre J. Depiro - Lima, Peru















Painting of Joseph De Piro.

Photo of Joseph De Piro


MSSP Official Symbol

MSSP Symbol

(With shadow)

MSSP Symbol


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