Using this CD-ROM - Mgr. G. De Piro (Ver. 2)




Software requirements


Browser – Internet Explorer (version 4.0+)

Multi Media – Microsoft Media Player (version 6.4+)





Hardware Requirements (minimum)


Microprocessor – Pentium 133 MHz

Ram 32 Mb

Video Card – 640 x 480, 32000 colours

CD-ROM 10x

Minimum free space on Hard Disk 1 MB





Installation / Execution


This CD-Rom is created in such a way that, provided the right environment it will run automatically on your personal computer, when inserted in your CD drive.

Should the Netscape browser comes up instead of the Explorer, make sure the latter is set as default. In case you want to run Explorer for this session only, close Netscape and open the Explorer browser. From “File” option left click on “Open”, and choose from your CD drive file list “Index”. Press “OK” and the software should run.





Maltese Fonts


With this Cd-Rom we are also providing a variety of Maltese Fonts which you can install from your Control Panel on your computer, for a better visualisation of Maltese text. The fonts are listed under the Directory “Maltese Fonts”.




For any problem regarding this CD ROM, please contact Mark Grima mssp on: